Best RON for 850 T-5R 95 or 98?

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Best RON for 850 T-5R 95 or 98?

Post  petax on Sat Feb 28, 2015 4:39 am


Peter from Spain here.

Curios to know if anyone has experience with Shell V-Power or similar 98 octane.

I have running 98 for the last 10,000km, seeing as petrol has suddenly got a lot cheaper, it may be my imagination but the car (850 T-5R saloon) seems perkier, but I would say that fuel consumption has got a little bit worse.

What do the experts here think, stick with 98 or am I deluding myself. The main reason for using V-Power (when I can get it) is that it has detergents etc which clean 'stuff' not sure what. Having run the car on the cheapest supermarket 95 for 40,000km, i am sure that the detergents are overdue, although I did put some injector cleaner in from time to time, I assume that V-Power negates the need for that.

Your thoughts will be appreciated.

By the way, please don't close the forum... if you need a moderator give me a shout, I have experience.


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