The Volvo 850 was the car that turned the tides

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The Volvo 850 was the car that turned the tides

Post  phil850t5 on Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:01 am

The Volvo 850 was the car that turned the tides for Volvo, giving a new image that was modern and up-to-date in motoring terms. The 850 T5 was not a car to argue with, and this led many UK police forces to buy the car in large numbers especially for motorway policing. The BTCC saw its first Volvo under the guidance of TWR, who previously raced the Jaguar. Such was the appreciation of the technology of the new series of Volvo cars.

The car has been sold in large numbers all over the world, and many fleet managers have added them to their fleets. The resale values of the 850 series have now come down and they can be bought by younger motorists who want to enjoy the pleasures that driving these cars give. In the UK an ex police T5 estate with around 170,000 miles on the clock can be bought for as little as £2500. The 850 has continued to live up to the Volvo reputation of longevity. In fact, low or average mileage cars are hard to find. If you own one you want to drive it, often.

The original 850 was still a little 'boxy' but in a very pleasing way. It was smooth and quiet and had a large range of options of trim. The leg room in front and rear is good and the rear arm rest can double as a child seat. Heated front seats are standard and heated rear are optional. Sunroofs were not normally fitted if the car had AC or ECC. The dash was well laid out and wood is available on some models, and ventilation is good, but the side windows do mist up in the winter if the windows are shut. If you have dogs in the back then this can get bad. Extractor fans are an accessory and will remove condensation in the cabin. Engine options are 2.0, 2.5, 2.3 Turbo and a low pressure turbo. The 2.0 and 2.5 also come in 10 valve or 20 valve variants. The 20 valve variant is much smoother. The T5 (225bhp)and T5R (250bhp) are for those who want a car with performance. But be aware that this power will cost you new front tyres after about 8,000 miles if you constantly drive it hard. It is possible to get around 25,000 miles if driven sensibly. The auto versions have a 'Sport' mode button on the gear box. The power comes in very quickly on the T5 and R and it is easy to spin the front wheels even on a dry road. You need to get up to about 30mph before 'opening it up'. You need to control the right foot, or see your tyres wear away infront of your eyes. In July 2000 the 850 T5 estate was voted as the 'best buy' in the used car market by the UK's "Top Gear"

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Re: The Volvo 850 was the car that turned the tides

Post  CONRODS!! on Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:17 am

Nice post dude

855R manual in olive green baby ooooh yeahhhhhh

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