Black 850R enhancement detail!

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Black 850R enhancement detail!

Post  volvo-850-mad! on Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:06 am

Here we have my own project car that I bought as I like a challenge and have always wanted a black volvo 850R.
The car was in a bad state as the previous owner had dogs and kids and hadn’t been cleaned for years.
I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to put Gliptones range of detailing products to the test.
I'm sure you will agree the results are astounding.
Here are some photos of how it was when I bought it and to how it is now thanks to fantastic Gliptone products, a little elbow grease and a lot of time:

First thing to do was to clean the engine bay as the engine dressing tends to spray everywhere all over the paint work so rather than polishing twice the engine bay is to be done first.

I sprayed Gliptones Emerald Clean all over the engine bay concentrating on oily areas around the filler cap and Power assisted steering reservoir, using a paint brush in heavily soiled areas. This was then left for 5 mins to soak  then rinsed off and left to dry.

Next was to dress the engine bay, I used Gliptones True Blue Tyre and Trim Shine put in an atomizer spray bottle and coatedl the entire engine bay. This goes on as a gloss but after a couple of days it turns into a better satin finish.

Next was to wash the vehicle, I used two of Gliptones products for this.
The first being Emerald Clean to clean the wheels, this was diluted slightly and sprayed onto the alloys and worked in with a paint brush. It was left for a few minutes then jet washed off revealing nice clean wheels.
The second was Gliptones Wash N Glow, this product is superb. If you think all wash and waxes are the same then this will change your mind for sure.
Vehicle was washed using the Wash N Glow, rinsed off and dried using the Gliptone drying and polishing towels.

As the paint work was so poor and in a terrible condition I decided to clay bar the paintwork and glass getting rid of all contaminants. This was done using Gliptones Body Bar and Gliptones Body Gloss as a lubricate, as you can see from the picture the paintwork is in a bad condition.

Once I had clay barred the complete vehicle the excess was wiped off using Gliptones polishing and drying towel so it was ready for the next step.
I used Gliptones stage 2 clear coat compound which removes scratches and swirl marks. this was applied by amachine polisher concentrating on areas with scratches and swirl marks. I broke the vehicle down into panels and concentrated on a panel at a time.

Next I used Gliptones stage 3 clear coat polish, this deepens the paintwork, gives a wet look finish and provides excellent protection.
Finally the excess polish was taken off using Gliptones polishing and drying towels that left a fantastic finish.

To enhance the car I masked up the body work and painted the grey part of the front and rear bumpers.

I used Gliptones True Blue to shine the tyres which finishes off the detail nicely.

Finished results after a long but worthwhile process.

1. Last but not least was the boring bit, the interior!! lol
This is what it looked like when I bought it, minging to say the least!

As you can see the interior is in a very sorry state, the seats should be half leather and half alacantra not half dirt!!!

First things first was to completely clean everything inside, I used Gliptones Emerald Clean very diluted to soak the seats, door cards, carpets, mats and dash.
All the interior was cleaned using a very diluted solution of Gliptones Emerald Clean a brush and towel and loads of hard work.
Once everything was clean the leather was treated with Gliptones leather conditioner and the plastics dressed.
The alacantra had suffered a little because of the cleaning as it had become bobbly so I used my de-fluffer to get rid.
Glass was polished using premium glass polish inside and out.
The difference is amazing, I never thought the interior would loook this good.

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Re: Black 850R enhancement detail!

Post  Kim on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:24 am

looking good Smile

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